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About Us

Created for dentists, by a dentist


Dr. Amar Pattani, DDS, is an experienced and active dentist in Illinois (Main Street Smiles). With years of expertise, he has perfected the production and provision of clear aligners for his patients. Leveraging his wealth of knowledge, you can seamlessly integrate clear aligners into your practice, benefiting from simplified procedures and significant cost savings. Discover the ease and efficiency of incorporating clear aligners today.

Kaylie Abernathy leads the Orthodontics and Cosmetics department at Main Street Smiles. Beginning her career as a dental assistant, Kaylie pursued her passion for orthodontics. Collaborating with Dr. Pattani, she has dedicated years to refining the clear aligner workflow. With an in-depth understanding of every facet of the process, Kaylie is equipped to train your staff in efficiently producing high-quality, effective aligners.

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