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Your patients deserve clear aligners that deliver better, faster, more predictable results.

Better, Faster, Predictable

Your patients deserve clear aligners that beat their expectations.

Control, Lower Cost, Consistent Results

You deserve a process that allows you to control your timelines, costs and results. 

Find out how you can incorporate
in-house clear aligners into your practice and do so much more.

  • Save hundreds to thousands of dollars PER CASE

  • Empower your staff and maximize productivity

  • Rejuvenate your practice and your career

  • Offer orthodontics as an adjunt service to complex cosmetic and restorative cases

  • Control your costs and timelines by owning every piece of your process

  • Lower cost of treatment and increase patient access and acceptance

  • Unleash your creativity with marketing and branding

  • Keep your patients in your office

  • Have tons of fun!

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It's easier and more affordable than you think!

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